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Website Designer

Do you find that you may need just a certain image that would compliment your latest design?

Yet, your searching through image sources or trying to stage your own photo just comes short or not at all?


Consider what may be developed with your own customizable and creative image source sprung from the effects of 3D imagery.


With your own design intent in hand and your own vision for each new goal to communicate to the web;

send a sketch or send a photo to get your sights on something new for your clients.


An image created with Exhibit A Model 3D comes with experience and many options: 

  • Photo-realistic images mode from "scratch".

  • Photo-montage' images created from some parts of actual photographs and some part from pure 3D.

  • ​Environmental lighting simulations (artificial or sunlighting).  It's like having a 24/7 infinite photo studio, or perfect weather.

  • Artistic image effects.  Pencil, pen, watercolor paint, oil paint, crayon and chalk.

Design-to-build 3D modeling ~ SketchUp 3D enhancement ~ Google Earth 3D building ~ 3D enhanced landmark development & business posting promotions ~ Image art effects