(accident scene reconstructions, topography formations, 1st person/3rd person point-of-view imagery & charts)
Trial Lawyer

Add something a bit new; yet proven, to your next case.  Set your sights on 3D.  

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a 3D model is worth a million more.


Exhibit A Model 3D has its roots in the preparation of displays for litigation.  


  • A greater majority of people (in particular; jurors) retain a more extensive level of detail and memory with their sight. 

  • Essentially, just listening is least favored to present substantially important facts, reading some facts may begin to help.

  • Engaging, explorative, and effectively accurate visual content and immersion within a scene and occurance is best.

3D can "nail-down" facts into a situation and context that can carry your case from pre-trial discovery and research to the courtroom and onto the deliberation of the jury.  Once your jury is introduced to a 3D model they may find themselves to be looking forward to letting their minds "jump" into the time and place of the case.  


3D can begin to build a new point of view; that quite often, words can't.

Design-to-build 3D modeling ~ SketchUp 3D enhancement ~ Google Earth 3D building ~ 3D enhanced landmark development & business posting promotions ~ Image art effects