Work In Progress

These are samples of projects in various parts of development that are progressing toward future adaptations or construction.

Building Design & Construction

These are samples of recent projects in various parts of development.

Geo-Modeling & 3D Landmarking

Geo-modeling combines the interactivity of global 3D models with highly-accurate satellite & ground-based imagery.

Miscellaneous Modeling

These are samples of projects that have a range of outcomes.  Some may become part of a collection, while others are from parts of jobs that may have other uses and interests.

Image Effects & Artwork

These are samples of various effects that are achieved beginning from either original photos, C.A.D. models, photo-montage' or entirely original blank page image artwork.

Design-to-build 3D modeling ~ SketchUp 3D enhancement ~ Google Earth 3D building ~ 3D enhanced landmark development & business posting promotions ~ Image art effects