Exhibit A Model 3D was founded in 1999 to provide my clients with a source to ultra-personalized project creation.

3D is the most direct way we see, dream, create and communicate.

My work has built buildings, stood trial, and explored options, desires and opinions.  

It has expressed concerns, reached new goals, entertained, gained notice, and connected communities.

3D-enhanced communication has made the difference all along the way.  

Start "building a new point of view" with Exhibit A Model 3D.

Eric W. Killip

Owner / Designer

​2D / 3D Building design & construction documents
~ abbreviated list ~

Ayd, Jr. Residence / Addition of upper floor & entire renovation
Bill Residence / Addition & remodeling
Blymeier Residence / Addition for extended elder care & new garage
Bogosh Residence / New waterfront, critical environment zone
Buck Residence / Multi-phase additions & remodeling
Chambers Residence / Addition
ClearView Window & Door Company / Showroom & headquarters

Dwyer Residence / New construction
Eltringham Property / Urban renewal, remodeling, multi-tenant
Feroli Residence / Addition & sitework features
Hacke Residence / New waterfront construction
Hammaker Property / Real estate development & site use
Johanson Residence / Addition
Johnson Property / Real estate speculation & valuations
Langis Residence / New construction
Liberto Residence / Waterfront addition & remodeling
Longest Residence / Addition
Medani-Walker Residence / Addition
Miller Residence / Waterfront remodeling & new construction
Polasik Residence / Interior remodeling
Randlett Residence / New construction
Rosellini Residence / Addition
Taylor Residence / New construction
Thacker Residence / Addition
Zahorik-Newcomb Residence / Addition to historic property

3D Virtual property development & geo-modeling landmarks

Concord Point Lighthouse / Havre de Grace, MD / Battle site Bicentennial, War of 1812 
B. Bateman's Bistro / Geo-model property development in process
Towson U.M. Church / Geo-model property development in process
Fort Duquesne / Point State Park, Pittsburgh, PA

​Wabash Seafood Company / Chicago, IL​

3D Product & concept design

Andrews / Medical curtain track structural clip: U.S. patent approved 3D & 2D documents
Mowll, PhD. / Alternative transport system: 3D concept & design component exploration

3D Exhibit presentation

ClearView Window & Door Company / Showroom & headquarters: Historic building remodel
Johns Hopkins Hospital / Blalock Building, Cardiac care: 3D design presentation
Johns Hopkins Hospital / Gamma knife neurosurgical center: 3D design & equipment presentation
Johns Hopkins Hospital / Brady Building, Pediatric care outpatient unit: 3D design presentation
Little Sprout Imaging / Leasing area analysis & validation
Taylor & Associates, Architects / Multiple projects; Physical scale model presentations
Towson U.M. Church / Building upgrade campaign: 3D photo-montage' & 3D construction drawings
Swensen, Perer, Johnson & McCandless / 3D model litigation exhibits & expert witness testimony

Design-to-build 3D modeling ~ SketchUp 3D enhancement ~ Google Earth 3D building ~ 3D enhanced landmark development & business posting promotions ~ Image art effects