(remodeling, additions & new building properties)
Home Owner

Do you have ideas about how your place may be improved for the way you live?

Quite often the greatest challenge is finding someone that can provide you with a second look, and to listen...

to get you to take a step back and see what you may do so that you can then take that next step forward to finally see it happen.


I would like to present the most recent report about

the costs versus values to consider when you remodel:


  • I have not only shown home owners their own way to succesful renovations, additions, and new building design;
    I have saved them money before they start by projecting their goals in line with their constraints all the way down to their first glimpses of all the "where?", "what?" & "how?" begin to unfold.

  • Due to some of the more recent economic trends and challenges, it is understandable that the affordability of major home remodeling has been reduced. Consider more frugal building enhancements that will make a more immediate and affordably appealing change.

Are you considering selling your home?  

A 3D model may help your Real Estate Agent:

  • Exhibit A Model 3D can prepare your 3D model to be independently viewed within your Real Estate website by enabling Google API.

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