Historic Community
(main streets, religious / civic buildings, monuments and mansions)

Do you have a particular place that relies on maintaining a landmark interest in the minds of a community?

It becomes so important to establish an awareness of the significance and social benefit of these unique places.


Awareness of location encourages a tourist interest in order to retain their preservation, public use and effective outreach to potential visitors and to further the extended resources various people share in regard to a special place.


  • There is a fortunate and growing awareness occuring that is built on the common respect of re-establishing, maintaining and expressing the vital landmark places within communities, both large and small.

  • Respect for the history from the past and a responsibility to express the potentials of the future of these special places is essential to the re-growth of common civic pride and purposes.

By working together with an Exhibit A Model 3D landmark model, these particular places will benefit from various resources that are inherently available and motivated within the project development process:

  • Photographs are taken of the entire exterior of the structure.

  • Satellite imagery of the site is documented to proper orientations.

  • A highly-accurate 3D reconstruction model is created and archived.


Take your new 3D model to new places:

1) Exhibit A Model 3D can prepare your 3D model to be independently viewed in your website by enabling Google API.

2) Exhibit A Model 3D can transfer your 3D model to particular acceptance standards that will promote it globally to a landmark listing with Google Search, Google Maps and Google 3D Earth; complete with keywork search tags and a personalized information panel (know as a "bubble") at the location of your place.

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