Business Owner
(restaurants, retail stores, repair shops, business complexes, hotels & resorts)

Do you tend to find that more and more customers are visiting your website before they actually step inside your door?


  • They need to find who you are, what you do and what you have to offer.  

  • In particular, they need to find you, right where you do business; with them and for them.

There is an enormously growing trend to leverage the capability of drawing customers in by interactive sources of location-based marketing.  Your business can benefit from getting a boost in their links directed to your place and a new landmark on the search environment on the Internet.  Google Search, Google Maps & Google Earth enhanced with 3D have become the go-to point of searchable databases that are persistently becoming the way people find, relate and decide to go to where you are.

Exhibit A Model 3D can create a realistic 3D building for your place of business to get it off the ground and posted into the 3D landmark environment where over 700,000,000 users of Google Earth are right now.  There is a tremendous value to add your business into the growing geo-spatial scenery that this affordable new media provides so that you may deliver as much brand identification, listing exposure and accesibility to distinguish your business and website to the public; locally and even globally.

Once you have your virtual promotion 3D model set into the landscape; also consider an artistic rendering of your location for a personalized display to your website, interior decor, or for use in your own marketing publications.

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