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Exhibit A Model 3D

3D Landmark Development,

Geo-Search Promotion &
Personalized 3D Design

A History

Exhibit A Model 3D was founded in 1999 to provide my clients with a direct source to ultra-personalized 3D project creation.  Specialties include rapid design development and documentation for building construction, business promotions and personal use graphics.


My work has built buildings, stood trial, and explored options, desires and opinions.  

It has expressed concerns, reached new goals, entertained, gained notice, and connected communities.

My passion is about building a new point of view.

A Service

Exhibit A Model 3D actively creates quality 3D virtual models and enhanced-dimension graphics for sale as a customized and enhanced communication method suited to various interests, purposes and goals.

My work has been task-proven over time.

Initial goals are backed-up with rapid-option ideas.


My work has been built upon 3 concerns:

1) To listen and learn about you from the start.

2) To efficiently clear any "gray areas" of design.

3) To present a useful and expressive result that will exceed expectations.

A Reputation

​"There is no doubt that your professionalism and attention to detail prevails.  We also look forward to your openess to our ideas and your sensitivity to our demand for a perfect product. 

We have referred you with confidence . . ."

~ James & Dinah B.

"Your plans brought it all together . . .

I just finished the work up there and he [the home owner] was so very happy with the new additions to his place."

~ Desmond D., [contractor]

Eric W. Killip 

Owner  / Designer

~ Owner & creator of Exhibit A Model 3D™ : promoting innovative use of personalized 3D for over 18 years

~ 24+ consecutive years of independent design commissions by positive client referrals

~ 28+ years of building design, documentation, presentation, administration & construction experiences

~ Trial-approved expert witness for the production & application of 3D-enhanced scale model litigation exhibits

~ Architectural design graduate (B.S. in Architecture & Bachelor of Architecture)

~ Dedicated to providing personalized C.A.D., 3D design & creative care in previously unheard of ways

Q & A 

How can we start building a new point of view?

1) Send me a contact notice.

This will form a connection to begin discussing your needs & we will start creating new goals.

I will create a personalized point-by-point goal list.  This goal list will become our working agreement.

2) Our new set of goals will be efficiently followed up with some early results to keep your interests & our enthusiasm perking along.  I expect us to work & create together.  

This becomes very motivating & gets it done.


3) I will provide you with resources to express your 3D in a new and effective way.

How did Exhibit A Model 3D get started?

Soon after my feet touched the ground within architecture, I gathered quite a few requests for design work and found the best ways to communicate was with some feature of 3D.  Since then, the requests have continued.


Many of my earliest clients were litigation attorneys looking for an advantage to communicate in the courtroom; and I was capable to coordinate, craft and present 3D physical models for courtroom and jury use.  

From this time, "Exhibit A" became the root of my tradename.  As an exhibit marked with an "A" was the first to apply to the case and was the first item presented to others.  A 3D model was placed up front, and first.

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A Purpose

3D (three-dimensional) is the most human of ways we see, dream, create and communicate. 

It gets to the point.

Gain search links to your location.

Landmark your place in 3D. 

Preserve & present your special place.

Get your place in 3D. 

See it, share it, build it.

Get your remodeling plans in shape with 3D.

A picture is worth a thousand words, a model is worth a million more. Try your case in 3D.

Go beyond stock photos.

Get an image you desire in personalized 3D.

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Baltimore, Maryland


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